Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Upcoming Webinar: The Loyalty Business Model

Update: Thanks to everyone who signed up for the webinar. If you missed it, you can still view the recording here.

Announcing TRG's latest webinar...

The Loyalty Business Model:
How to use passion for the arts to drive revenue           

Date: Wednesday, April 18
Time: 2-3:15 p.m. EDT/11-12:15 PDT
Cost: Free--register here.

While some debate the feasibility of the current arts business model and look to new audiences to fill the gap, the fact remains: only 1 out of 5 new patrons come back a second time. Our problem is not new audiences; it’s keeping the patrons we have--and increasing their loyalty to our organizations.

Loyalty can be achieved when a patrons’ passion for the arts is activated. Strategies that promote loyalty involve common-sense measures to draw in "newbies" and deepen relationships among first- and long-time patrons.  Best practices focus on increasing patron satisfaction and, in turn, ongoing revenue. The 5th Avenue Theatre, in collaboration with TRG Arts, is building a wholly new model of audience engagement, centered on this view of patron loyalty. 
5th Avenue Theatre’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications Sean Kelly and TRG’s Senior Consultant Laura Willumsen lead this webinar, which focuses on the benefits of viewing patron interactions through the lens of their lifetime loyalty to your organizations. You’ll learn:

●     why loyalty is the only sustainable model for revenue growth
●     what makes a targeted, purposeful loyalty strategy different from more general audience engagement programs
●     about the specific techniques Kelly and Willumsen used to drive retention, as well as increase engagement and revenue at 5th Avenue Theatre

To Register:
1. Go to Webex:
2. Click on "register" (free).
3. Fill in the short form and SUBMIT.
You will receive log-in information for the webinar in the confirmation email.
Note: To participate fully, you will call in for sound and log on to the online presentation and virtual dialog.

Mark your calendar; mind your time zone:
Wednesday, April 18
11 a.m. Pacific
Noon Mountain
1 p.m. Central
2 p.m. Eastern
Questions? Comments? Contact us, or comment below.

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