Monday, August 1, 2011

New Voices on Analysis from TRG Arts

Since my first post in April 2010, I have attempted to address many of the major issues confronting arts managers today.  The goal has been to offer insight drawn from our continuing study of patron data, the stories our clients tell us, and the wisdom that comes from the varied experiences that result from working with so many client organizations across North America each year (at last count, about 725!).  Ours is a singularly unique vantage point from which to observe evolving patron behaviors.  Our editorial standard has been to focus on fact drawn from data – not opinion.  In our fragmented world, one more opinion-based blog seemed redundant.

I must confess that the success of the blog has been a surprise.  Frankly, I resisted the notion of starting it.  Who, I wondered, would have an interest in the rather geeky and esoteric issues that hit TRG’s radar screen?  As it turns out – quite a few of you.  My travels this year have allowed me to meet many of you.  I’ve been gratified by the warm reception.  Moreover, the most consistent suggestion from readers has been to “post more often!”  Clearly, there’s more to say than my time and the demands of regular posts permit.
So, here forward, we’re adding the perspectives of two of my TRG colleagues.  I am pleased to announce that Joanne Steller and Amelia Northrup will be joining me as regular contributors to the TRG Arts blog.

Joanne, one of TRG’s veteran consultants as well as its Director of Strategic Communications, has been a collaborator and thought partner on my posts since the beginning.  Truth be told, it was her idea.  Now you’ll hear from her directly in posts that report on industry trends and best practices with a focus on how data informs strategies that produce results.

Amelia, TRG’s Strategic Communications Specialist, comes to us fresh from Carnegie Mellon’s Center for Arts Management and Technology, where she contributed to the Technology in the Arts blog on subjects ranging from technology to social media and streaming video.  Amelia promises to push and pull our dialogue in ways that better capture the ever evolving digitalization of our methods of communicating, selling tickets and analyzing what’s happening in the marketplace.
Regardless of which of us is posting, count on TRG to provide analysis that is based on data, facts and informed observations.   Be careful what you wish for.  We also plan to post much more often!

We appreciate your opinions and look forward to your continued comments. 

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